1969 -

Writing as: Roger Cave

According to a bio on "Roger Cave (1969-) born in Bolton, England. For twenty years he's worked in the financial industry and began to write for friends and family until his first novel, The Barcza Gambit was published in 2007.

The books written by this author are military thrillers, which feature the lead character, Commander Alec Fincham of the Special Boat Service.

All the books relate to chess plays or pieces, the story often following the plays."

Series Books
Alec Fincham The Barcza Gambit (2007)
  Sicilian Defence (2007)
  White King (2008)
  ZugZwang (2008)
  Octopus Knight (2009)
  Medusa Defence (2009)
  Deep Blue (2009)
  Grand Prix Variation (2010)
  Mongoose Variation (ss) (2011)
  English Rat (ss) (2011)
  Fried Fox & English Rat (2011)
  Queen's Knight (2011)
  Fried Fox (ss) (2011)
  Snake Variation (2012)
  Monticelli Trap (2013)
  Torre Attack (2013)
  Lion's Jaw (ss) (2015)
  Red Queen (2016)