Writing as: Rose Sandy

According to the bio on her webpage: "Rose never set out to be a writer. She set out to be a communicator with whatever landed in her hands, but soon the keyboard became her best friend. Rose writes suspense and intelligence thrillers where technology and espionage meet history in pulse-racing action-adventure. She dips into the mysteries of our world, the fascination of technology breakthroughs, the secrets of history and global intelligence to deliver thrillers that weave suspense, conspiracy and a dash of romantic thrill.

A globe trotter and a diplomat’s daughter, her thrillers span cities and continents and she likes to take her characters where she has lived or travelled. Rose’s writing approach is to hit hard with a good dose of tension and humor. Her characters zip in and out of intelligence and government agencies, dodge enemies in world heritage sites, navigate technology markets and always land in deep trouble.

Rose speaks four languages and earned international business and economics degrees at The American University of Paris and also holds a minor degree in political science and government. She has worked internationally for several years in multinational corporations including two of the world’s largest technology companies. She has also worked extensively in media, book publishing, FMCG companies and the entertainment industry."

Series Books
Calla Cress Secret of the Lost Manuscript (2014)
  The Decrypter and the Mind Hacker (2014)
  Digital Eyes Only (2017)
  The Storm's Eye (2018)
  The Pythagoras Clause (2020)
  The Beale Ciphers (2021)
  The Atlantis of the Sands (2023)