Writing as: Mike Maden

According to the bio on his website: "I grew up working in the canneries, feed mills and slaughterhouses of California’s San Joaquin Valley. A lifelong fascination with history and warfare ultimately lead to a Ph.D. in political science focused on conflict and technology in international relations. Like millions of others, I first became a Tom Clancy fan after reading The Hunt for Red October, and began my published fiction career in the same techno-thriller genre, starting with DRONE and the sequels, BLUE WARRIOR, DRONE COMMAND and DRONE THREAT. I’m honored to be joining “The Campus” as a writer in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Jr., series. POINT OF CONTACT is my first novel in this new adventure."

Series Books
John Clark Point of Contact (2017)
The Oregon Files Hellburner (2022)
  Fire Strike (2023)
Jack Ryan, jr Point of Contact (2017)
  Line of Sight (2018)
  Enemy Contact (2019)
  Firing Point (2020)