Writing as: Chester D. Campbell

According to his bio on Amazon: "After following a snake-like career path that writhed about from newspapers to magazines to speechwriting to advertising to PR to association management, I settled on novel writing after retirement. I'm having a blast. My PI characters do things I'd never dare attempt. The reviewers love 'em, and so do the fans. Most of my stories are drawn from life, from all the weird and wonderful things that go on around me. Since I've been observing this for the last 90 years, there's no shortage of stuff to draw on. Lately I've finished work on a trilogy of Post Cold War political thrillers. The first, Beware the Jabberwock, and the second, The Poksu Conspiracy, are joined by Book 3, Overture to Disaster. They're set in the early nineties, a time that arrived just after my retirement. My newest novel is Hellbound, a suspense story I practically lived."

Series Books
Burke Hill Beware The Jabberwock (2012)
  The Poksu Conspiracy (2013)
  Overture To Disaster (2013)
Other Secret of the Scroll [Greg McKenzie] (2004)
  Designed To Kill [Greg McKenzie] (2004)
  Deadly Illusions [Greg McKenzie] (2005)
  The Marathon Murders (2008)
  The Surest Poison [Sid Chance] (2009)
  A Sporting Murder (2010)
  The Good, The Bad and the Murderous [Sid Chance] (2011)
  Hellbound (2015)