Writing as: James Hunt

According to the bio on Amazon: "James Hunt's passion for writing began at an early age. While his journal of yesteryear may never be the work of great fiction, he's been working hard every day since then to bring pages to life. James has well over a decade of writing under his belt, but his professional career in literature didn't take off until 2014.

James currently lives in Orlando, FL and when he's not pounding away at the keyboard you can find him at the theater or somewhere outside enjoying the beautiful Florida weather."

Series Books
Sarah Hill Agent Hill: Off The Grid (2014)
  Agent Hill: Powerless (2014)
  Agent Hill: Reboot (2014)
  Agent Hill: Season 1 Omnibus (2015)
  Agent Hill: Provacateur (2016)
  Agent Hill: Black Box (2016)
  Agent Hill: In The Shadows (2016)