1926 - 1987

Writing as: George Markstein

From a bio on Wikipedia: "George Markstein was a British journalist and subsequent writer of thrillers and teleplays. He was the script editor of the British series The Prisoner for the first thirteen episodes, and appeared briefly in its title sequence. Markstein also wrote for or story-edited other television series, specialising in espionage stories, and jointly ran a successful literary agency for screenwriters."

Series Books
The Prisoner [creator]
Mr. Palfrey of Westminster [creator]
Other The Cooler (1974)
  The Man From Yesterday (1976)
  Chance Awakening (1977)
  Tara Kane (1978)
  The Goering Testament (1978)
  Traitor for a Cause aka Traitor (1979)
  The Ultimate Issue (1981)
  Ferret (1983)
  Soul Hunters (1986)