Writing as: Joseph Flynn

According to the bio on his website: " I was born, raised, educated, praised, scorned, loved, and shunned in Chicago — and then I took my act on the road. Having endured more frigid winters than I care to think about, I made sure the road led somewhere warm. I've lived in Los Angeles, and Honolulu, and Los Angeles again. I loved the warm weather, the blue ocean, and the palm trees. But I didn't like the isolation of living in the remote reaches of the Hawaiian Pacific. Nor did I like the congestion, smog, and cost of living in L.A.

So when my daughter was born, my wife and I thought we could do worse than to raise her in the Midwest, despite the weather. Our decision proved to be correct. Our daughter has grown up to be a happy and brilliant young woman. The Midwest has been a productive place for me to write. And global warming has produced much more moderate winters than the ones I suffered through as a boy."

Series Books
James McGill The President's Henchman (2008)
  The Hangman's Companion (2010)
  The K Street Killer (2011)
  The Last Ballot Cast - Part 1 (2012)
  The Last Ballot Cast - Part 2 (2012)
  Found Money (ss) (2013)
  Lost Dog (ss) (2013)
  Pins & Needles (ss) (2013)
  The Devil On The Doorstep (2013)
  McGill's Short Cases (2013)
  The Good Guy With A Gun (2014)
  The Echo Of The Whip (2015)
  The Daddy's Girl Decoy (2016)
  The Last Chopper Out (2016)
  The King Of Mirth (2018)
  The Big Fix (2019)
  The Boy From Illinois (2021)
  The Man With A Plan (2022)