1926 - 1986

Writing as: Frank McAuliffe

An American author, Frank McAuliffe was born and raised in New York City. After marriage, he and his wife moved to Ventura California where McAuliffe worked as a technical writer for the U.S. Navy.

Series Books
Augustus Mandrell Of All The Bloody Cheek (1965)
  The Dr. Sherrock Commission (ss) (1965)
  The Iranian Farmer Commission (ss) (1965)
  The General Lacorte Commission (ss) (1965)
  The Scotland Yard Commission (ss) (1965)
  Rather A Vicious Gentleman (1968)
  The Sealed Tomb Commission (ss) (1968)
  The Bullrusher Commission (ss) (1968)
  The American Mistress Commission (ss) (1968)
  The Irish Monster Commission (ss) (1968)
  For Murder I Charge More (1971)
  The German Tourist Commission (ss) (1971)
  The Hawaiian Volcano Commission (ss) (1971)
  The Baseball Commission (ss) (1971)
  The American Apple Pie Commission (ss) (1971)
  Shoot The President, Are You Mad? (1975)