1895 - 1971

Writing as: Frank V. Martinek

Frank Martinek was an American Naval officer who saw duty during the First World War and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander before retiring. According to an introduction for him in a newspaper prior to a speaking engagement, it was said he "has been variously a newspaper man, sailor, soldier of fortune, secret service operative, human engineer, lecturer and business executive".

Series Books
Don Winslow Don Winslow U.S.N. in Ceylon (1934)
  Lieutenant Commander Winslow (1935)
  Don Winslow of the Navy and the Giant Girl Spy (1938)
  Don Winslow of the Navy vs. The Scorpion Gang (1938)
  Don Winslow of the U.S. Navy and the Missing Admiral (1938)
  Don Winslow Navy Intelligence Ace (1938)
  Don Winslow of the Navy (1940)
  Don Winslow and the Scorpion's Stronghold (1940)
  Don Winslow of the Navy and the Secret Enemy Base (1940)
  Don Winslow of the Navy and the Great War Plot (1940)
  Don Winslow Breaks The Spy Net (1941)
  Don Winslow Saves The Secret Formula (1941)