Writing as: Brian N. Cox

From his bio blurb on Amazon: "Hi. My name is Brian Cox and I have been writing both novels and non-fiction "How To" books. My novels, "The Chinese Woman" series, are spy-suspense-thrillers, not only to entertain you but to provide you with an insider's view of the world of law enforcement and intelligence officers. My non-fiction books vary quite a bit based on my diverse background and interests.

I am retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which most people call "Mounties". During my career I was four years in uniform and then was transferred to the Major Crime Section as an investigator, then to Drug Section, and finished my service with the National Crime Intelligence Section (organized crime and terrorism). While in the RCMP, I was an Instructor at the Canadian Police College, the Canadian equivalent of the FBI National Academy. Following my police career, I became a private investigator and a security consultant, and after a few years in those fields, I became Managing Director and Instructor at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy. In 2001 I went to China to study their police training, and while there, I took advantage of the opportunity to further my education in martial arts and self-defense. Previously, I had taught martial arts and self-defense for over forty years, primarily to police and women's groups. I adapted some techniques I learned in China to develop "Deadly Attack Survival" and wrote two books about this art, the first being "Self-Defense in One Hour" and the second being "How to Survive on the Street". I was motivated to do this because of the alarmingly high incidence of sexual assaults on college campuses and the rapes and murders of women in India. I also wrote "How to Solve a Case: Criminal Investigation", designed for uniform police officers and young Detectives so they can carry the book on a Kindle and have it with them during an investigation as a reference and guide."

Series Books
Li Mei The Barbados Comspiracy (2011)
  Operation Fox Den (2011)
  Mystery Assassin (2012)
  Red Dragons (2013)