Writing as: Harold R. Miller

According to his website: "His semi-volunteer status in the Defense Intelligence Agency found him stationed in Okinawa, Belize and other exotic locales. The proximity to the ocean and his undercover status allowed him to pursue his love of sailboats. He built four sailboats; two of which were his own design.

Five years spent in Hollywood as a member of various film crews, as well as time spent at the American Film Institute provided him with a working knowledge of the entertainment business.

His training in the agency, and a natural ability to 'discreetly snoop', provided an excellent background for private investigation, a career begun in 1969. He passed The California Private Investigator's examination in 1977, and has been a career investigator ever since."

Series Books
Penn Gwinn The Australian File (1999)
  The Philippine File (2002)
  Thai Moon Saloon (2003)
  Universeros (2010)
  The Emerald Head Caper (2012)
  Blue Herons (2012)
  P.I. Adventures In Belize (2012)
  The Belize File (2013)