1924 - 2010

Writing as: Justin Adams, Julie Cameron, Lou Cameron, Tabor Evans, John Wesley Howard, Howard Lee, Mary Manning, Ramsay Thorne

Born in San Francisco, Lou Cameron served in WWII in a U.S. Army's armored division. After the War, he took a position as an illustrator for the famous Classics Illustrated as well as other popular comics of that time. He tried his hand at writing near the end of the 50s and found he was good at it, too. He wrote movie novelizations at first, the best being work with the great Louis L'Amour on How The West Was Won. His greatest success came in the Western genre where he created or helped to create several long-lasting adult action series, especially Longarm.

Series Books
Justin Adams
Other Chains (1977)
Julie Cameron
Other The Darklings (1975)
  Devil in the Pines (1975)
Lou Cameron
Blue Queen The Spy With The Blue Kazoo (1967)
  The Spy Who Came In From The Copa (1967)
Other Angel's Flight (1960)
  The Empty Quarter (1962)
  The Sky Divers (1962)
  None But the Brave (1965)
  The Block Busters (1966)
  Iron Men with Wooden Wings (1967)
  Mistress of Bayou LaBelle (1968)
  Green Fields of Hell (1968)
  The Good Guy (1968)
  Bastard's Name Is War (1968)
  Dirty War of Sergeant Slade (1969)
  The Outsider (1969)
  The Mud War (1969)
  Hannibal Brooks (1969)
  File on a Missing Redhead (1969)
  The Dragon's Spine (1969)
  The Black Camp (1969)
  Big Red Ball (1969)
  Ashanti (1969)
  Amphora Pirates (1970)
  Before It's Too Late (1970)
  Zulu Warrior (1971)
  The Tipping Point (1971)
  Spurhead (1971)
  Behind the Scarlet Door (1971)
  Cybernia (1972)
  The Girl with the Dynamite Bangs (1973)
  California Split (1974)
  Closing Circle (1975)
  North to Cheyenne (1975)
  Barca (1975)
  Drop into Hell (1976)
  The Spirit Horses (1976)
  Tancredi (1976)
  Sky Riders (1976)
  Guns of Durango (1976)
  Dekker (1976)
  How the West Was Won (1977)
  Code Seven (1977)
  The Cascade Ghost (1978)
  The Big Lonely (1978)
  The Subway Stalker (1980)
  The Hot Car (1981)
  Stringer On the Assassin's Trail [Stringer] (1987)
  On Dead Man's Range [Stringer] (1987)
  Stringer [Stringer] (1987)
  Grass of Goodnight (1987)
  Stringer and the Hanging Judge [Stringer] (1988)
  Stringer and the Lost Tribe [Stringer] (1988)
  Stringer and the Hangman's Rodeo [Stringer] (1988)
  Stringer and the Wild Bunch [Stringer] (1988)
  The Buntline Special (1988)
  In Tombstone [Stringer] (1988)
  Stringer and the Deadly Flood [Stringer] (1988)
  Stringer and the Oil Well Indians [Stringer] (1989)
  Stringer and the Border War [Stringer] (1989)
  Stringer On Pikes Peak [Stringer] (1989)
  Stringer in a Texas Shoot-Out [Stringer] (1989)
  Crooked Lance (1989)
  Stringer and the Hell Bound Herd [Stringer] (1989)
  Stringer On the Mojave [Stringer] (1989)
  'Yellow Iron (1990)
  Eagle Chief (1990)
  The First Blood (1992)
Tabor Evans
Other Longarm (1978)
  Longarm And The Wendigo (1978)
  Longarm And The Highgraders (1979)
  Longarm And The Molly Maguires (1979)
  Longarm In The Sand Hills (1979)
  Longarm On The Old Mission Trail (1980)
  Longarm In The Four Corners (1980)
  Longarm And The Mounties (1980)
  Longarm And The Ghost Dancers (1980)
  Longarm And The Laredo Loop (1981)
  Longarm And The Stalking Corpse (1981)
  Longarm On The Big Muddy (1981)
  Longarm On The Barbary Coast (1982)
  Longarm In Deadwood (1982)
  Longarm And The Eastern Dudes (1982)
  Longarm On The Great Divide (1983)
  Longarm And The Bone Skinners (1986)
  Longarm On The Overland Trail (1987)
  Longarm On Death Mountain (1987)
  Longarm In The Bighorn Basin (1987)
  Longarm And The Lone Star Mission (1987)
  Longarm And The Hangman's Vengeance (1988)
  Longarm And The Utah Killers (1988)
  Longarm And The Wyoming Wildwomen (1998)
  Longarm And The Wicked Schoolmarm (1998)
  Longarm And The River Pirates (1998)
  Longarm And The Calgary Kid (1998)
  Longarm And The Blossom Rock Banshee (1998)
  Longarm And The Sins Of Sister Simone (2000)
  Longarm And The Nevada Belly Dancer (2000)
  Longarm And The Mad Bomber's Bride (2000)
  Longarm And The Church Ladies (2000)
  Longarm And The Gunshot Gang (2001)
  Longarm And The Hangman's Daughter (2001)
  Longarm And The Lady Bandit (2001)
  Longarm And The Amorous Amazon (2001)
  Longarm And The Sidesaddle Assassin (2002)
  Longarm And The Haunted Whorehouse (2002)
  Longarm And The Contrary Cowgirls (2002)
  Longarm And The Bad Girls Of Rio Blanco (2003)
  Longarm And The Dead Man's Tale (2003)
  Longarm And The Deadly Dead Man (2003)
  Longarm And The Lady Hustlers (2003)
  Longarm And Town-Taming Tess (2003)
  Longarm Sets The Stage (2004)
  Longarm And The Great Milk-Train Robbery (2004)
  Longarm And The Boys In The Back Room (2004)
  Longarm And The Bartered Brides (2004)
  Longarm And The Sidekick From Hell (2005)
  Longarm And The Unwelcome Woolies (2005)
  Longarm And The Ungrateful Gun (2006)
John Wesley Howard
Other Easy Company and the Suicide Boys [Easy Company] (1981)
Howard Lee
Other A Praying Mantis Kills [Kung Fu] (1974)
Mary Manning
Other This Fever in My Blood (1980)
Ramsay Thorne
Other Renegade [Renegade] (1979)
  Blood Runner [Renegade] (1980)
  The Fear Merchant [Renegade] (1980)
  Death Hunter [Renegade] (1980)
  Macumba Killer [Renegade] (1980)
  Panama Gunner [Renegade] (1980)
  Citadel of Death [Renegade] (1981)
  The Great Game [Renegade] (1981)
  Hell Raider [Renegade] (1981)
  Over the Andes to Hell [Renegade] (1981)
  Death in High Places [Renegade] (1981)
  The Badlands Brigade [Renegade] (1982)
  The Mahogany Pirates [Renegade] (1982)
  Harvest of Death [Renegade] (1982)
  Terror Trail [Renegade] (1982)
  River of Revenge [Renegade] (1983)
  Shots at Sunrise [Renegade] (1983)
  Hellfire in Honduras [Renegade] (1983)
  Cavern of Doom [Renegade] (1983)
  Slaughter in Sinaloa [Renegade] (1983)
  Mexican Marauder [Renegade] (1983)
  Savage Safari [Renegade] (1984)
  Blood On the Border [Renegade] (1984)
  High Sea Showdown [Renegade] (1984)
  Guatemala Gunman [Renegade] (1984)
  Volcano of Violence [Renegade] (1984)
  Payoff in Panama [Renegade] (1984)
  Costa Rican Carnage [Renegade] (1985)
  Death Over Darien [Renegade] (1985)
  Shootout in Segovia [Renegade] (1985)
  Mayhem At Mission Bay [Renegade] (1985)
  Peril in Progreso [Renegade] (1985)
  The Slave Raiders [Renegade] (1985)
  Golden Express [Renegade] (1986)
  Standoff in the Sky [Renegade] (1986)
  Guns for Garcia [Renegade] (1986)