Writing as: Daniel Adams

According to his bio on Amazon: "After graduating from Arizona State University with degrees in Zoology and Accounting, Mr. Adams joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation where, as a Special Agent, he investigated general crimes such as bank robberies, kidnappings and extortions as well as specializing in complex financial crimes as a forensic accountant. Mr. Adams went on to work for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as an investigator where he worked bank fraud and embezzlement cases. He has been a licensed commercial and residential contractor and built and developed many housing units. As a lark, he signed on with a small Hollywood literary agency where he worked as a literary agent for many years. While working as an agent, he wrote several scripts and the third one was made into a movie called SECOND CHANCES. Since then he has written, directed and produced a number of award-winning shorts and several feature films"

Series Books
Barclay & Neilson First Lady Down (2012)
  President Down (2013)
  Hostage Down (2013)
  Nuke Down (2013)
  Flag Ship Down (2014)
  First Kid Down (2014)
  Sleeper Down (2014)
  Puppet Master Down (2015)
  Invisible Man Down (2015)
  Jane Doe Down (2015)
  Tramp Down (2015)
  Armored Car Down (2015)
  Fantasmas Down (2016)
  Vatican Down (2016)
  SuperMax Down (2016)
  First Twin Down (2017)
  Bomber Down (2017)
  Jet Down (2017)
  Iran Down (2017)
  Silent Death Down (2018)
  The Lost Sniper (2018)
  The Kidnapped Corpse (2018)
  The Man With Death In His Eyes (2018)
  Tin Soldier Down (2019)
  Midas Down (2019)
  Hitman Down (2019)
  Shaman Down (2020)
  Poison Down (2020)