1937 -

Writing as: Christopher Egerton-Thomas, Christine Thompson

According to his bio on his website: "After attending Richmond School, Yorkshire, he spent several years in what is now The Yorkshire Regiment, serving in Germany, Gibraltar, Libya, and the Yemen. He also joined the Parachute Regiment (T.A.). He studied wine in Pauillac and Jerez, before moving to Paris and Madrid to study languages. Then he became a wine salesman in London. He was a spirits and wine salesman in New York, where he also worked as a bartender or manager in well-known establishments such as El Morocco, J G Melon, and Elaine’s."

Series Books
Christopher Egerton-Thomas
Larry Baker A Taste Of Conspiracy (1978)
  Double Or Nothing (1978)
  First Lady (1979)
Other How to Open and Run a Successful Restaurant (non-fiction) (1990)
  How to Open and Run a Successful Bar (non-fiction) (1994)
  How to Run a Catering Company from Home (non-fiction) (1996)
  Armagnac to Zinfandel (non-fiction) (2012)
Christine Thompson
Other Chateau of Love (1978)
  Candles in the Rain (1979)
  Born to Love (1979)
  Golden Destiny (1979)
  Love’s Tender Art (1993)
  Sunshower (1994)