Writing as: J. Robert Kennedy

According to the bio on his website: "USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy has written over one dozen international bestsellers including the smash hit James Acton Thrillers series, the first installment of which, The Protocol, has been on the bestsellers list since its release, including a three month run at number one. In addition to the other novels from this series including The Templar’s Relic, a USA Today bestseller and #1 overall bestseller on Barnes & Noble and #6 overall on Amazon, he writes the bestselling Special Agent Dylan Kane Thrillers and the Detective Shakespeare Mysteries. Robert spends his time in Ontario, Canada with his family."

Series Books
James Acton The Protocol (2010)
  Brass Monkey (2011)
  Broken Dove (2012)
  The Templar's Relic (2012)
  Flags Of Sin (2013)
  The Arab Fall (2013)
  The Circle Of Eight (2013)
  The Riddle (2014)
  Amazon Burning (2014)
  Blood Relics (2014)
  The Venice Code (2014)
  Pompeii's Ghosts (2014)
  Sins of the Titanic (2015)
  Saint Peter's Soldiers (2015)
  Raging Sun (2016)
  The Thirteenth Legion (2016)
  Wages of Sin (2016)
  Wrath of the Gods (2017)
  The Templar's Revenge (2017)
  The Nazi's Engineer (2017)
  The Viking Deception (2018)
  Atlantis Lost (2018)
  The Cylon Curse (2018)
  Keepers of the Lost Ark (2019)
Dylan Kane Rogue Operator (2013)
  Containment Failure (2013)
  Cold Warriors (2014)
  Death To America (2014)
  Black Widow (2015)
  The Agenda (2017)
  Retribution (2017)