1914 - 2010

Writing as: John Welcome

A British lawyer who was born in Ireland, John Brennan attended school at Oxford before launching his first career. In addition to his day job, Mr. Brennan was a huge racing enthusiast who parlayed his knowledge of the sport into a series of excellent thrillers revolving around that activity. He worked closely with fellow author, Dick Francis, on anthologies when he was not practicing law or writing one of his own 25 or so books.

Series Books
Richard Graham Run For Cover (1958)
  Hard To Handle (1964)
  Wanted for Killing (1965)
  Hell Is Where You Find It (1968)
  On the Stretch (1969)
  Go for Broke (1972)
Other Red Coats Galloping (1949)
  Mr. Merston’s Money (1951)
  Stop at Nothing (1959)
  Beware of Midnight (1961)
  Grand National (1976)
  A Painted Devil (1988)
  Reasons of Hate (1990)
  Royal Stakes (1993)