1936 - 1999

Writing as: Roderick Thorp

An American novelist who wrote his best work when he delved into gritty crime novels, Roderick Thorp is best remembered now as the man who created Joe Leland, a NYPD detective. The character appeared in two books and both were made into successful movies, albeit in widely dissimilar style. The first movie, The Detective, starred Frank Sinatra as a police detective investigating the brutal murder of a gay man. The second came from his book Nothing Lasts Forever wherein Leland flies to LA to visit his daughter and ends up fighting terrorists who have taken over a skyscraper. That book became the basis for Bruce Willis' Die Hard.

Series Books
John McClane Nothing Lasts Forever (1979)
Other Into the Forest (1961)
  The Detective [Joe Leland] (1966)
  Dionysus (1969)
  The Music of Their Laughter: An American Album (1970)
  Wives: An Investigation (1971)
  Slaves (1973)
  The Circle of Love (1974)
  Westfield (1977)
  Nothing Lasts Forever [Joe Leland] (1979)
  Jenny and Barnum: A Novel of Love (1981)
  Rainbow Drive (1986)
  Devlin (1988)
  River: A Novel of the Green River Killings (1995)