1943 -

Writing as: Nelson DeMille

Born in New York City, Nelson DeMille's family moved to Long Island when he was young and he grew up there. He attended Hofstra for a while before joining the Army and becoming an officer via OCS. He saw a good deal of action in Vietnam as a platoon leader in the infantry. Returning to the States and to Hofstra to finish his degree, he stayed on Long Island to raise a family and took up writing, a very profitable decision.

Series Books
Paul Brenner The General's Daughter (1999)
  Up Country (2002)
  The Panther (2013)
John Corey Plum Island (1997)
  The Lion's Game (2000)
  Night Fall (2004)
  Wild Fire (2006)
  The Lion (2010)
  The Panther (2012)
  Radiant Angel (2015)
  The Maze (2022)