1969 -

Writing as: Matthew Dunn

According to his publisher, Mr. Dunn operated as a member of MI6 for half a decade, handling agents and travelling around the world on assignments. He left the clandestine world to take a position in the private sector making the Middle East his area of specialty. His birth year may be off one.

Series Books
Will Cochrane Spycatcher (2011)
  Sentinel (2012)
  Sling Shot (2013)
  Dark Spies (2014)
  Counterspy (ss) (2014)
  The Spy House (2016)
  A Soldier's Revenge (2016)
  Spy Trade (ss) (2016)
  Act of Betrayal (2017)
Ben Sign The Spy Whisperer (2018)
  The Fifth Man (2018)
  The Russian Doll (2018)
  The Kill House (2019)
  The Spy Thief (2021)