Writing as: Brad Taylor

The authenticity he brings to his adventures about a special forces operative come from his having lived the life. After graduating from the University of Texas, he became an officer in the U.S. Army and eventually worked his way to Lt. Colonel in the Special Forces. This includes eight years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Series Books
Pike Logan One Rough Man (2011)
  All Necessary Force (2012)
  The Widow's Strike (2013)
  Enemy Of Mine (2013)
  Black Flag (ss) (2013)
  Gut Instinct (ss) (2013)
  The Callsign (ss) (2013)
  The Polaris Protocol (2014)
  Days Of Rage (2014)
  No Fortunate Son (2014)
  The Dig (ss) (2014)
  The Insider Threat (2015)
  The Forgotten Soldier (2015)
  Ghosts of War (2016)
  The Target (ss) (2016)
  Ring of Fire (2017)
  The Infiltrator (ss) (2017)
  Operator Down (2018)
  Daughter of War (2019)
  Exit Fee (ss) (2019)
  Hunter Killer (2020)
  American Traitor (2020)