1932 -

Writing as: Brian Ball, Brian Kinsey-Jones

Known more for his science fiction writing, British author Brian Ball also wrote a few books for young readers as well as a several in the mystery/crime genre.

Series Books
Brian Ball
Terry Keegan Keegan: The No-Option Contract (1976)
  Keegan: The One-Way Deal (1976)
Other Mr. Tofat's Term (1964)
  Sundog (1965)
  Paris Adventures (1967)
  Timepiece [Time series] (1968)
  Timepivot [Time series] (1970)
  Lesson for the Damned (1971)
  Timepit [Time series] (1971)
  Devil's Peak (1972)
  The Regiments of Night aka Night of the Robots (1972)
  The Probability Man [Frames] (1972)
  Planet Probability [Frames] (1973)
  Singularity Station (1973)
  Death of a Low-Handicap Man (1974)
  Montenegrin Gold (1974)
  The Venomous Serpent aka The Night Creature (1974)
  The Space Guardians [Space: 1999] (1975)
  Princess Priscilla (1975)
  Jackson's Friend [Jackson] (1975)
  Jackson's House [Jackson] (1975)
  Witchfinder: The Mark of the Beast (1976)
  Witch Finder: The Evil at Monteine (1977)
  Jackson's Holiday [Jackson] (1977)
  Jackson and the Magpies [Jackson] (1978)
  The Witch in our Attic (1979)
  Dennis and the Flying Saucer (1980)
  The Starbuggy (1983)
  The Baker Street Boys [novelization] (1983)
  The Doomship of Drax (1985)
  Truant From Space (1985)
  The Quest for Queenie (1988)
  Stone Age Magic (1989)
  Survival [Space: 1999] (2005)
  The Venemous Serpent (2008)
  Malice of the Soul (2008)
  Death on the Driving Range (2009)
Brian Kinsey-Jones
Other Lay Down Your Wife for Another (1971)