1938 -

Writing as: Iris Johansen

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Ms. Johansen did not start her current career as a best-selling author until her children were grown and off to college. Her first decade of writing consisted of romance novels, both contemporary and historical. Their success and the experience she gained doing them enabled her to move to a different genre and a larger audience when she began penning suspence thrillers. After a couple of such novels which met with considerable acclaim, she created the forensic sculptor character Eve Duncan which has kept her on the best-seller lists ever since. In addition to her own writing, she has recently been working in corroboration with her Edgar-winning son, Roy, in several novels.

Series Books
Catherine Ling Chasing The Night (2010)
  Eve (2011)
  Quinn (2011)
  Bonnie (2011)
  What Doesn't Kill You (2012)
  Live To See Tomorrow (2014)
  Your Next Breath (2015)
Other Touch the Horizon (1984)
  Capture the Rainbow (1984)
  The Trustworthy Redhead (1984)
  The Golden Valkyrie (1984)
  The Forever Dream (1985)
  White Satin (1985)
  Til the End of Time (1986)
  York, the Renegade [The Delaneys] (1986)
  Always (1986)
  Everlasting (1986)
  The Spellbinder (1987)
  Last Bridge Home (1987)
  Matilda, the Adventuress [The Delaneys] (1987)
  Wild Silver [The Delaneys] (1988)
  Satin Ice [The Delaneys] (1988)
  Man From Half Moon Bay (1988)
  Blue Skies and Shining Promises (1988)
  Strong, Hot Winds (1988)
  This Fierce Splendor [The Delaneys] (1989)
  Tender Savage (1990)
  An Unexpected Song (1990)
  Notorious (1990)
  Reap the Wind [Wind Dancer Trilogy] (1991)
  Storm Winds [Wind Dancer Trilogy] (1991)
  The Wind Dancer [Wind Dancer Trilogy] (1991)
  The Golden Barbarian (1991)
  A Tough Man to Tame (1991)
  Winter Bride (1992)
  The Tiger Prince (1993)
  The Magnificent Rogue (1993)
  Star Spangled Bride (1993)
  The Beloved Scoundrel (1994)
  Midnight Warrior (1994)
  Dark Rider (1995)
  The Ugly Duckling (1996)
  Lion's Bride (1996)
  Long After Midnight (1997)
  And Then You Die (1998)
  The Face of Deception [Eve Duncan] (1998)
  The Killing Game [Eve Duncan] (1999)
  The Search [Eve Duncan] (2000)
  Final Target (2001)
  Body of Lies [Eve Duncan] (2002)
  No One to Trust (2002)
  Fatal Tide (2003)
  Dead Aim (2003)
  Firestorm (2004)
  Blind Alley [Eve Duncan] (2004)
  On The Run (2005)
  Countdown [Eve Duncan] (2005)
  Killer Dreams (2006)
  Stalemate [Eve Duncan] (2006)
  Pandora's Daughter (2007)
  The Treasure (2008)
  Dark Summer (2008)
  Silent Thunder (2008)
  Quicksand [Eve Duncan] (2008)
  Blood Game [Eve Duncan] (2009)
  Storm Cycle (2009)
  Deadlock (2009)
  Eight Days to Live [Eve Duncan] (2010)
  Shadow Zone (2010)
  Chasing the Night [Eve Duncan] (2010)
  Bonnie [Eve Duncan] (2011)
  Eve [Eve Duncan] (2011)
  Quinn [Eve Duncan] (2011)
  Close Your Eyes (2012)