1951 -

Writing as: Michael Bowen

A lawyer who practices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mr. Bowen is a graduate of Harvard Law. In addition to the Richard Michaelson series mentioned on this site, he also has penned a series of mysteries about a rich attorney named Curry who likes to solve murders.

Series Books
Richard Michaelson Washington Deceased (1990)
  Faithfully Executed (1992)
  Corruptly Procured (1994)
  Worst Case Scenario (1996)
  Collateral Damage (1999)
Other Can't Miss (1987)
  Badger Game [Thomas and Sandrine Curry] (1989)
  Fielder's Choice [Thomas and Sandrine Curry] (1991)
  Act of Faith [Thomas and Sandrine Curry] (1993)
  The Fourth Glorious Mystery (1999)
  Screen Scam [Rep and Melissa Pennyworth] (2001)
  Unforced Error [Rep and Melissa Pennyworth] (2004)
  Putting Lipstick on a Pig [Rep and Melissa Pennyworth] (2006)
  Shoot the Lawyer Twice [Rep and Melissa Pennyworth] (2008)
  Service Dress Blues [Rep and Melissa Pennyworth] (2009)
  Jail Coach (2012)