1909 - 1999

Writing as: Hugh Davie-Martin, Hugh McCutcheon

Also wrote under the pseudonym of Hugh Davie-Martin. Known largely for his police detective adventures, especially the Inspector Jimmy Carrol books and Inspector McKeller books.

Series Books
Hugh Davie-Martin
Other The Girl in My Grave (1976)
  The Pearl of Oyster Island (1977)
  Spaniard’s Leap (1979)
  Death’s Bright Angel (1982)
Hugh McCutcheon
Richard Logan To Dusty Death (1960)
  Suddenly, In Vienna (1963)
Other The Deadly One (1062)
  The Angel of Light aka Murder at the Angel [Insp. McKeller] (1951)
  Prey for the Nightingale (1953)
  None Shall Sleep Tonight [Insp. McKeller] (1953)
  Cover Her Face [Insp. McKeller] (1954)
  The Long Night Through (1956)
  Comes the Blind Fury (1959)
  Yet She Must Die (1962)
  Treasure of the Sun [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1964)
  Killer’s Moon aka And the Moon Was Full (1966)
  The Black Attendant [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1966)
  The Scorpion’s Nest [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1967)
  A Hot Wind from Hell [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1968)
  Brand for the Burning (1969)
  Something Wicked [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1970)
  Red Sky at Night (1972)
  Instrument of Vengeance [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1975)
  Night Watch [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1978)
  The Cargo of Death [Insp. Jimmy Carroll] (1980)