1924 -

Writing as: James Fraser, Alec Haig, Bill Reade, Alec Whitney

A talented English author, Alan White was born in Yorkshire. When he became old enough, he joined the British army to fight in WWII and became a commando, eventually becoming a leader. After the War, he earned a living as a journalist and took to writing novels. He split his production into two basic camps; mysteries and war adventure stories. The latter had the feel of authenticity since he wrote from having lived it himself.

Series Books
James Fraser
Other The Evergreen Death [Insp. Aveyard] (1968)
  A Cock-Pit of Roses [Insp. Aveyard] (1969)
  Deadly Nightshade [Insp. Aveyard] (1970)
  Death in a Pheasant’s Eye [Insp. Aveyard] (1971)
  Blood on a Widow’s Cross [Insp. Aveyard] (1972)
  The Five-Leafed Clover [Insp. Aveyard] (1973)
  A Wreath of Lords and Ladies [Insp. Aveyard] (1974)
  Who Steals My Name? [Insp. Aveyard] (1976)
  Hearts Ease in Death [Insp. Aveyard] (1977)
Alec Haig
Alec Haig Sign On For Tokyo (1968)
  Peruvian Printout (1970)
  Flight From Montego Bay (1972)
Other Death Finds the Day aka The Long Day’s Dying (1965)
  The Wheel (1966)
  The Long Night’s Walk [Capt. Colson] (1968)
  The Long Drop [Capt. Colson] (1969)
  Kibbutz aka Possess the Land (1970)
  The Long Watch [Capt. Colson] (1971)
  Climate of Revolt (1971)
  The Long Midnight [Capt. Colson] (1972)
  The Long Fuse [Capt. Colson] (1973)
  Death in Duplicate (1974)
  The Long Summer [Capt. Colson] (1974)
  The Long Silence [Capt. Colson] (1976)
  The Long Hand of Death (1977)
  Cassidy’s Yard (1980)
  Black Alert (1985)
Bill Reade
Other What Have They Done to You, Ben? (1967)
  I Wonder What Happened to Tom? (1968)
  A Bomb for Atuna (1975)
  The Ibiza Syndicate (1975)
Alec Whitney
Other Every Man Has His Price (1968)
  The Triple Zero (1971)
  Armstrong (1973)
  Death in Darkness (1977)