1919 - 1985

Writing as: Irwin R. Blacker

In addition to the four books in the Richard LeGrande spy series, Mr. Blacker wrote more than a dozen other books, both fiction and non-fiction. He was also an accomplished screenplay writer who created episodes for several different series, most prominently Bonanza. He also taught screenwriting at the University of Southern California for nearly two decades. One of his non-fiction books was The Elements of Screenwriting - A Guide For Film and Television Writers, an oft-quoted reference to how to and how not to write for the screen.

Series Books
Richard LeGrande The Kilroy Gambit (1960)
  Chain of Command (1965)
  Search And Destroy (1966)
  To Hell In A Basket (1967)
Other The Bold Conquistadores (1961)
  Days of Gold (1961)
  Westerling (1961)
  Old West in Fact [NF] (1962)
  Cortes and the Aztec Conquest (1966)
  Standing On A Drum1977 (1968)
  The Middle of the Fire (1971)
  Old West in Fiction [NF] (2010)