1942 -

Writing as: J. S. Blazer, Paul Garrison, Justin Scott

Twice nominated for Edgar awards, Justin Scott has been nicknamed the Dick Francis of yachting. He has earned a Masters degree in American History. He currently lives in Connecticut.

Series Books
J. S. Blazer
Other Deal Me Out [Bracken and Woodward] (1973)
  Lend A Hand [Bracken and Woodward] (1975)
Paul Garrison
Paul Janson The Janson Directive (2002)
  The Janson Command (2012)
  The Janson Option (2014)
Other Fire and Ice (1998)
  Red Sky at Morning (2000)
  Buried at Sea (2002)
  Sea Hunter (2003)
  The Ripple Effect (2004)
Justin Scott
Other Many Happy Returns (1973)
  Treasure for Treasure (1974)
  The Turning (1978)
  The Shipkiller (1978)
  Normandie Triangle aka The Man Who Loved the Normandie (1981)
  A Pride of Royals (1983)
  Spy (with Clive Cussler) (1984)
  The Auction (1985)
  Rampage (1986)
  The Cossack's Bride aka The Widow of Desire (1988)
  The Hong Kong Edge aka The Nine Dragons (1990)
  Treasure Island (1994)
  Hardscape [Ben Abbott] (1994)
  Stonedust [Ben Abbott] (1995)
  Frostline [Ben Abbott] (1997)
  McMansion [Ben Abbott] (2006)
  Mausoleum [Ben Abbott] (2007)
  The Wrecker (with Clive Cussler) [Isaac Bell] (2009)
  The Spy (with Clive Cussler) [Isaac Bell] (2010)
  The Race (with Clive Cussler) [Isaac Bell] (2011)
  The Thief (with Clive Cussler) [Isaac Bell] (2012)
  The Striker (with Clive Cussler) [Isaac Bell] (2013)