1927 -

Writing as: Russell R. Miller

According to his bio on Amazon: "Russell Miller is a former senior vice president of international marketing for Zenith Electronics traveling to over 100 countries and establishing a business relationship primarily in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Mid-east. Since retiring he has worked on development projects for the Vienna-based UNIDO, the UNDP, the World Bank, and the IESC on on consulting assignments in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. He is the author of four books, two on international development, one describing a project where he spent two months in a former closed city in Ukraine, and a fictional spy novel based in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. He is married to the former Elsie Dagit, and has three adult children Cheron, Mike and Paul, and lives in La Grange, IL a suburb of Chicago."

Series Books
Charlie Connelly The Spy With A Clean Face (2008)
  Death On The Silk Road (2011)
  Death Of A Spymaster (2014)