1926 - 1972

Writing as: Clyde Allison

A pseudonym of William Henley Knoles (oft mispelled as Knowles), a prolific writer of soft porn mystery and spy novels during the late 50's and throughout the 60's. He used a variety of pen names, all while working at the Meredith Agency. His specialty was satirical looks at other genres, usually hard-boiled detectives or criminals, all decidedly racy (for the time) to appeal to the prurient. For more information, visit the web and search for either name or for the name Lynn Munroe, an expert in vintage paperbacks who has done extensive research into Mr. Knoles. A sufferer of mental illness which grew worse as he grew older, Mr. Knoles committed suicide at the age of 46.

Series Books
The Man From SADISTO Our Man From Sadisto (1965)
  Our Girl From Mephisto (1965)
  Nautipuss (1965)
  From Rapture With Love (1966)
  Roburta The Conqueress (1966)
  The Sex-Ray (1966)
  0008 Meets Modesta Blaze (1966)
  Mondo Sadisto (1966)
  The Merciless Mermaids (1966)
  The Lost Bomb (1966)
  For Your Sighs Only (1966)
  0008 Meets Gnatman (1966)
  Sadisto Royale (1966)
  Gamefinger (1966)
  The Desdamona Affair (1966)
  Go-Go Sadisto (1966)
  The Ice Maiden (1967)
  The Sin Funnel (1967)
  Platypussy (1968)
  The Desert Damsels (1968)