1933 -

Writing as: Ron Goulart, Kenneth Robeson, Frank S. Shawn, Joseph Silva, Con Steffanson

A very prolific author who has moved across genres with exceptional skill and apparent ease, Mr. Goulart's excellent stories have brought me many hours of enjoyment, including adding adventures to the 30's hero The Avenger without my noticing they were not by the original author. That is skill.

Series Books
Ron Goulart
Cleopatra Jones Cleopatra Jones (1973)
  Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold (1975)
Other The Sword Swallower [Ben Jolsen] (1968)
  The Fire-Eater [Barnum System] (1970)
  After Things Fell Apart [Fragmented America] (1970)
  Clockwork's Pirates (1971)
  Clockwork Pirates [Barnum System] (1971)
  Ghost Breaker (1971)
  Gadget Man [Fragmented America] (1971)
  Death Cell [Jack Summer] (1971)
  Shaggy Planet [Barnum System] (1972)
  Wildsmith (1972)
  Hawkshaw [Fragmented America] (1972)
  Plunder [Jack Summer] (1972)
  The Tin Angel (1973)
  A Talent for the Invisible [Jack Conger] (1973)
  Flux [Ben Jolsen (1974)
  Spacehawk, Inc. [Barnum System] (1974)
  The Hellhound Project (1975)
  When the Waker Sleeps (1975)
  Bloodstalk [Vampirella] (1975)
  On Alien Wings [Vampirella] (1975)
  Quest of the Gypsy [Gypsy] (1976)
  The Enormous Hourglass (1976)
  Vampirella [Vampirella] (1976)
  Snakegod [Vampirella] (1976)
  Deathgame [Vampirella] (1976)
  Blood Wedding [Vampirella] (1976)
  Deadwalk [Vampirella] (1976)
  A Whiff of Madness [Jack Summer] (1976)
  Eye of the Vulture [Gypsy] (1977)
  Crackpot [Fragmented America] (1977)
  The Island of Dr Moreau (writing as Joseph Silva) (1977)
  Challengers of the Unknown (1977)
  Nemo (1977)
  The Emperor of the Last Days (1977)
  The Panchronicon Plot [Jack Conger] (1977)
  Capricorn One (1978)
  Calling Dr. Patchwork (1978)
  The Wicked Cyborg [Barnum System] (1978)
  Holocaust for Hire (writing as Joseph Silva) (1979)
  Dr. Scofflaw [Barnum System] (1979)
  Star Hawks [Star Hawks] (1979)
  Cowboy Heaven (1979)
  Hello, Lemuria, Hello [Jack Conger] (1979)
  Ghosting (1980)
  Skyrocket Steele (1980)
  Empire 99 [Star Hawks] (1980)
  Hail Hibbler [Odd Jobs, Inc.] (1980)
  Upside Downside (1981)
  The Tremendous Adventures of Bernie Wine (1981)
  The Robot in the Closet (1981)
  Brinkman [Fragmented America] (1981)
  The Cyborg King [Star Hawks] (1981)
  The Great British Detective (1982)
  Big Bang [Odd Jobs, Inc.] (1982)
  Hellquad (1984)
  The Prisoner of Blackwood Castle [Harry Challenge] (1984)
  Suicide, Inc. (1985)
  A Graveyard of My Own (1985)
  Brainz, Inc. [Odd Jobs, Inc.] (1985)
  Galaxy Jane [Jack Summer] (1986)
  Starpirate's Brain [Exchameleon] (1987)
  The Curse of the Obelisk [Harry Challenge] (1987)
  Daredevils, Ltd [Exchameleon] (1987)
  Everybody Comes to Cosmo's [Exchameleon] (1988)
  The Wisemann Originals [Navarro and Briggs] (1989)
  The Tijuana Bible (1989)
  Even the Butler Was Poor (1990)
  Now He Thinks He's Dead (1992)
  Murder on the Aisle (1996)
  Groucho Marx, Master Detective [Groucho Marx] (1998)
  Elementary, My Dear Groucho [Groucho Marx] (1999)
  Groucho Marx, Private Eye [Groucho Marx] (1999)
  Groucho Marx and the Broadway Murders [Groucho Marx] (2001)
  Groucho Marx, Secret Agent [Groucho Marx] (2002)
  Groucho Marx, King of the Jungle [Groucho Marx] (2005)
  Too Sweet to Die [John Easy] (2012)
  The Same Lie Twice [John Easy] (2012)
  One Grave Too Many [John Easy] (2012)
  If Dying Was All [John Easy] (2012)
  TekWarWilliam Shatner) (1989) [TekWar] (with)
Kenneth Robeson
Other The Man from Atlantis [Avenger] (1974)
  Red Moon [Avenger] (1974)
  The Purple Zombie [Avenger] (1974)
  Dr. Time [Avenger] (1974)
  The Nightwitch Devil [Avenger] (1974)
  Black Chariots [Avenger] (1974)
  The Cartoon Crimes [Avenger] (1974)
  The Death Machine [Avenger] (1975)
  The Blood Countess [Avenger] (1975)
  The Glass Man [Avenger] (1975)
  The Iron Skull [Avenger] (1975)
  Demon Island [Avenger] (1975)
Frank S. Shawn
Other The Golden Circle [Phantom] (1973)
  The Hydra Monster [Phantom] (1973)
  The Mystery of the Sea Horse [Phantom] (1973)
  The Veiled Lady [Phantom] (1973)
  The Swamp Rats [Phantom] (1974)
  The Goggle-Eyed Pirates [Phantom] (1974)
Con Steffanson
Other The Space Circus [Flash Gordon] (1969)
  The Lion Men of Mongo [Flash Gordon] (1974)
  The Plague of Sound [Flash Gordon] (1974)
  The Time Trap of Ming XIII [Flash Gordon] (1977)