1906 - 1965

Writing as: Charles L. Leonard

This is a pseudonym for Mary Violet Heberden, a female author who wrote hard-boiled male detective stories. In addition to the 11 books in the Paul Kilgerrin detective/spy series, she had two other series about private investigators, Desmond Shannon about which she wrote 17 adventures, and Rick Vanner for which she penned 3 stories. Besides being a writer, she also acted on stage briefly.

Series Books
Paul Kilgerrin Deadline For Destruction (1942)
  The Stolen Squadron (1942)
  Assignment Death (1943)
  The Secret Of The Spa (1944)
  Expert In Murder (1945)
  Pursuit In Peru (1946)
  Search For A Scientist (1947)
  The Fourth Funeral (1948)
  Sinister Shelter (1949)
  Secrets For Sale (1950)
  Treachery In Trieste (1951)