1904 - 1989

Writing as: Robert George Dean, George Griswold

Robert Dean was a writer of many exceptional and very popular mysteries in the late 40's and 50's. In addition to the detective stories, Mr. Dean took a different path to pen the four Mr. Groode stories. When he was not penning interesting puzzlers to solve, he worked as a journalist. During WWII he drove an ambulance.

Series Books
Robert George Dean
Other The Sutton Place Murders [Pat Thompson] (1936)
  Three Lights Went Out [Pat Thompson] (1936)
  What Gentleman Strangles a Lady? [Pat Thompson] (1936)
  Murder on Margin [Pat Thompson] (1937)
  Murder Makes a Merry Widow [Tony Hunter] (1938)
  A Murder of Convenience [Tony Hunter] (1938)
  Murder Most Opportune (1939)
  A Murder by Marriage [Tony Hunter] (1940)
  Murder Through the Looking Glass [Tony Hunter] (1940)
  Murder in Mink [Tony Hunter] (1941)
  Layoff [Tony Hunter] (1942)
  On Ice [Tony Hunter] (1942)
  The Body Was Quite Cold [Tony Hunter] (1951)
  The Case of Joshua Locke [Tony Hunter] (1951)
  Affair at Lover’s Leap aka Death at Lover’s Leap [Tony Hunter] (1953)
  Death at Lover’s Leap aka Affair at Lover’s Leap (1954)
George Griswold
Mr. Groode A Gambit For Mr. Groode (1952)
  A Checkmate By The Colonel (1953)
  Red Pawns (1953)
  The Pinned Man (1954)