1957 -

Writing as: John Gilstrap

A graduate of William and Mary in 1979, Mr. Gilstrap found that a degree in American History is not a ticket to success so he had to look elsewhere. He worked as a writer/editor of a small trade journal but, being bored with it, became a volunteer at a local fire department. He worked there for 15 years before heading back to college for a Masters in safety engineering. This would lead eventually to his own consulting company and later to a position in Washington, DC as director of safety for a trade association. It was while writing a non-fiction book about a hostage rescue that he met real Delta operatives and got a glimpse of how they truly were and worked, serving as inspiration for the Jonathan Grave series.

Series Books
Jonathan Grave No Mercy (2009)
  Hostage Zero (2010)
  Threat Warning (2011)
  Damage Control (2012)
  High Treason (2013)
  Soft Targets (ss) (2013)
  End Game (2014)
  Against All Enemies (2015)
  Friendly Fire (2016)
  Final Target (2017)
  Scorpion Strike (2018)
  Total Mayhem (2019)
  Hellfire (2020)
  Stealth Attack (2021)
  Lethan Game (2022)
  Harm's Way (2023)