1923 - 2005

Writing as: N. J. Crisp

The N.J. stood for Norman James. Mr. Crisp was a prolific British television writer and playwright who also wrote a handful of well-received action thrillers. Many of the popular British television series of the 60s and 70s aired scripts written by him. A scan of IMDB's listing of the teleplays he penned showed how popular he was.

Series Books
Stephen Haden In The Long Run (1987)
  The Ninth Circle (1988)
Other The Gotland Deal [Insp. Sidney Kenyon] (1976)
  The Odd Job Man (1977)
  The London Deal [Insp. Sidney Kenyon] (1978)
  Festival (1981)
  The Brink (1982)
  Dangerous Obsession - a play made into a movie Darkness Falls (1989)
  Suspicions - two-act play (1992)