1947 -

Writing as: Thomas Adcock

In addition to writing several books in the Ben Slayton, T-Man series, Mr. Adcock was the created of the Neil Hockaday detective series. He own the prestigious Edgar Award for the Best Paperback Original in 1992 for Dark Maze. Besides his novels, Mr. Adcock has been a journalist, which he also taught, and a writer for an advertising agency.

Series Books
Ben Slayton A Clear And Present Danger (1981)
  The Trail Of The Twisted Cross (1982)
Other Precinct 19 (1984)
  Sea of Green (1989)
  Dark Maze (1991)
  Drown All The Dogs (1994)
  Devil's Heaven (1995)
  Thrown-Away Child (1996)
  Grief Street (1997)