1936 -

Writing as: Robert Lory

According to Wikipedia: "Robert Lory (born December 29, 1936) is a US writer of speculative fiction, predominantly known for the Horrorscope, Shamryke Odell, Return of Dracula, and Trovo fiction series. Also contributed to the John Eagle Expeditor series of novels, writing under the Pyramid Books house name Paul Edwards. Received a BA from Harpur College in 1961, and attended the Famous Writers School in 1964. Worked for the Exxon Corporation as a public relations advisor from 1967, and served as editor of the Esso Manhattan, Exxon Manhattan, and the Esso Eastern Review."

Series Books
The Expeditor The Laughing Death (1973)
  The Fist Of Fatima (1973)
  Glyphs Of Gold (1974)
  The Death Devils (1974)
  The Holocaust Auction (1975)
Shamryke Odell Masters Of The Lamp (1970)
  The Veiled World (1972)
Other The Eyes of Bolsk [Troro] (1969)
  Master of the Etrax [Troro] (1970)
  Dracula Returns! [Dracula] (1973)
  The Hand of Dracula! [Dracula] (1973)
  Dracula's Brothers [Dracula] (1973)
  Dracula's Gold [Dracula] (1973)
  The Drums of Dracula [Dracula] (1974)
  Identity Seven (1974)
  Dracula's Lost World [Dracula] (1974)
  The Thirteen Bracelets (1974)
  The Green Flames of Aries [Horror Scopes] (1974)
  The Revenge of Taurus [Horror Scopes] (1974)
  The Curse of Leo [Horror Scopes] (1974)
  Dracula's Disciple [Dracula] (1975)
  Gemini Smile, Gemini Kill [Horror Scopes] (1975)
  Challenge to Dracula [Dracula] (1975)
  The Witching of Dracula [Dracula] (1976)
  Ragnarok! (2014)