1915 - 1991

Writing as: Philip Atlee, James Atlee Phillips

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Atlee's first book was written in the mid-30s, an expose about the local country club members. An avid flyer, he was a member of the Flying Tigers before WWII. He joined the Marines after Pearl Harbor. From 47 to 54, he ran Amphibian Airways in Burma probably for the CIA and it is from this experience that his first Joe Gall book, Pagoda, came. In addition to his Gall spy series, Mr. Phillips wrote two screen plays, Thunder Road starring Robert Mitchum, and Big Jim McLain starring John Wayne.

Series Books
Philip Atlee
Joe Gall The Green Wound Contract (1963)
  The Silken Baroness Contract (1964)
  The Irish Beauty Contract (1966)
  The Death Bird Contract (1966)
  The Paper Pistol Contract (1966)
  The Star Ruby Contract (1967)
  The Rockabye Contract (1968)
  The Skeleton Coast Contract (1968)
  The Ill Wind Contract (1969)
  The Trembling Earth Contract (1969)
  The Fer-de-Lance Contract (1970)
  The Canadian Bomber Contract (1971)
  The White Wolverine Contract (1971)
  The Judah Lion Contract (1972)
  The Kiwi Contract (1972)
  The Spice Route Contract (1973)
  The Shankill Road Contract (1973)
  The Underground Cities Contract (1974)
  The Kowloon Contract (1974)
  The Black Venus Contract (1975)
  The Makassar Strait Contract (1976)
  The Last Domino Contract (1976)
James Atlee Phillips
Joe Gall Pagoda (1951)
Other The Case of the Shivering Chorus Girls (1942)
  Suitable for Framing (1949)
  The Deadly Mermaid (1954)