1912 - 1998

Writing as: Francis Durbridge

Born in Hull, England, he was encouraged to write by a teacher and continued to do so even as he earned a living for a short while as a clerk in a stockbroking firm. His first success came at age 21 when the BBC bought one of his plays. Durbridge is best known for the character of Paul Temple, a detective and crime novelist. This highly popular investigator fascinated and thrilled audiences first on radio and later in films and even on tv. Even as he was enjoying the success of Temple, the author continued to write other things, especially plays.

Series Books
Tim Frazer The World Of Tim Frazer (1962)
  Tim Frazer Again (1964)
  Tim Frazer Gets The Message (1978)
Other Send for Paul Temple [with Charles Hatton] [Paul Temple] (1938)
  Paul Temple and the Front Page Men [with Charles Hatton] [Paul Temple] (1939)
  News of Paul Temple [with Charles Hatton] [Paul Temple] (1940)
  Paul Temple Intervenes [with Charles Hatton] [Paul Temple] (1944)
  Send for Paul Temple Again! [with Charles Hatton] [Paul Temple] (1948)
  Back Room Girl (1950)
  Beware of Johnny Washington (Novelization) (1951)
  Design for Murder (1951)
  The Other Man (Novelization) (1958)
  A Time of Day (Novelization) (1959)
  The Tyler Mystery as by Paul Temple. (1960)
  The Scarf (Novelization) (1960)
  Portrait of Alison (Novelization) (1962)
  East of Algiers as by Paul Temple. (1962)
  My Friend Charles (Novelization) (1963)
  Another Woman’s Shoes (1965)
  The Desperate People (Novelization) (1966)
  Dead to the World (1967)
  My Wife Melissa (Novelization) (1967)
  The Pig-Tail Murder (1969)
  Paul Temple and the Kelby Affair [Paul Temple] (1970)
  Paul Temple and the Harkdale Robbery [Paul Temple] (1970)
  A Man Called Harry Brent (Novelization) (1970)
  The Geneva Mystery [Paul Temple] (1971)
  Bat Out of Hell (Novelization) (1972)
  The Curzon Case [Paul Temple] (1972)
  Suddenly at Home (Play) (1973)
  The Gentle Hook (Play) (1975)
  A Game of Murder (Novelization) (1975)
  Murder with Love (Play) (1977)
  The Passenger (Novelization) (1977)
  Breakaway (Novelization) (1981)
  House Guest (Play) (1982)
  The Doll (Novelization) (1982)
  Paul Temple and the Margo Mystery [Paul Temple] (1986)
  Nightcap aka Deadly Nightcap (1986)
  Paul Temple and the Madison Case [Paul Temple] (1988)
  Paul Temple and the Conrad Case [Paul Temple] (1989)
  A Touch of Danger (Play) (1989)
  The Small Hours (Play) (1991)
  Sweet Revenge (Play) (1994)