1948 -

Writing as: M. A. Lawson, Mike Lawson

Born in Colorado, Mr. Lawson got an engineering degree from Seattle University before going to work for the U.S. Navy in their nuclear program, staying there for nearly three decades. A fan of writing, he tried his hand with it and, as he says on his own website, got very lucky. Those who have read the Joe DeMarco books and loved them as much as my wife and I know that the luck might have been in getting noticed, not in being appreciated. Mr. Lawson is definitely to be appreciated. And read. Often.

Series Books
M. A. Lawson
Kay Hamilton Rosarito Beach (2013)
  Viking Bay (2015)
  K Street (2017)
Mike Lawson
Joe DeMarco The Inside Ring (2005)
  The Second Perimeter (2006)
  House Rules (2008)
  House Secrets (2009)
  House Justice (2010)
  House Divided (2011)
  House Blood (2012)
  House Odds (2013)
  House Reckoning (2014)
  House Rivals (2015)
  House Revenge (2016)
  House Witness (2018)
  House Arrest (2019)
  House Privilege (2020)