1960 -

Writing as: David Baldacci

This terrific writer earned his living as first a trial lawyer and then a corporate lawyer before his first book was published and he was eventually able to turn to writing full time. A long-time resident of Virginia, Mr. Baldacci got his B.A. at VCU and earned a law degree at the University of Virginia. He and his wife, Michelle, created the Wish You Well Foundation to promote reading and fighting illiteracy in America.

Series Books
Camel Club The Camel Club (2005)
  The Collectors (2006)
  Stone Cold (2007)
  Divine Justice (2008)
  Hell's Corner (2010)
  Bullseye (ss) (2014)
Will Robie The Innocent (2012)
  The Hit (2013)
  The Target (2014)
  Bullseye (ss) (2014)
  The Guilty (2015)
Shaw The Whole Truth (2008)
  Deliver Us From Evil (2010)
Other Absolute Power (1996)
  Total Control (1996)
  The Winner (1997)
  The Simple Truth (1998)
  Saving Faith (1999)
  Wish You Well (2000)
  Last Man Standing (2001)
  The Christmas Train (2002)
  Split Second [King and Maxwell] (2003)
  Hour Game [King and Maxwell] (2004)
  Fries Alive! [Freddy and the French Fries] [YR] (2005)
  Simple Genius [King and Maxwell] (2007)
  First Family [King and Maxwell] (2009)
  True Blue (2009)
  The Sixth Man [King and Maxwell] (2011)
  One Summer (2011)
  Zero Day [John Puller] (2011)
  The Innocent (2012)
  The Forgotten [John Puller] (2012)
  The Escape[John Puller] (2013)
  Memory Man [Amos Decker] (2015)
  The Last Mile [Amos Decker] (2016)