1923 - 2000

Writing as: John Michael Brett, Miles Tripp

This English writer served as a former bomber-aimer during WWII during which he took part in dozens of raids. When the War ended, he returned to school where he studied the law and eventually became a solicitor. He wrote in his spare time becoming best known for the mystery series about private detective John Samson.

Series Books
John Michael Brett
Hugo Baron Diecast (1964)
  A Plague Of Dragons (1965)
  A Cargo Of Spent Evil (1966)
Miles Tripp
Other The Image of Man (1955)
  A Glass of Red Wine (1960)
  Kilo Forty (1963)
  The Skin Dealer (1964)
  A Quartet of Three (1965)
  The Fifth Point of the Compass (1967)
  The Chicken and Zella (1968)
  One Is One (1968)
  Malice and the Maternal Instinct (1969)
  A Man Without Friends (1970)
  Five Minutes with a Stranger (1971)
  The Claws of God (1972)
  Obsession [John Samson] (1973)
  Woman at Risk (1974)
  A Woman in Bed [John Samson] (1976)
  The Once a Year Man [John Samson] (1977)
  The Wife-Smuggler [John Samson] (1978)
  Cruel Victim [John Samson] (1979)
  High Heels [John Samson] (1980)
  Going Solo [John Samson] (1981)
  One Lover Too Many [John Samson] (1983)
  A Charmed Death (1984)
  Some Predators Are Male [John Samson] (1985)
  Death of a Man-Tamer [John Samson] (1987)
  The Frightened Wife [John Samson] (1987)
  The Cords of Vanity [John Samson] (1989)
  Video Vengeance [John Samson] (1990)
  The Dimensions of Deceit (1993)
  A Woman of Conscience [John Samson] (1994)
  Samson and the Greek Delilah [John Samson] (1995)
  Extreme Provocation (1995)
  The Suitcase Killings [John Samson] (1997)
  Deadly Ordeal [John Samson] (1999)