1943 -

Writing as: Alexander Court, Steve Pieczenik

Without a doubt, Steve Pieczenik is one of the most educated and accomplished authors to ever pen a spy fiction series and the schooling and experience that he has gathered has made him more than qualified to create exciting and thrilling plots which are also frighteningly plausible. Trained in Psychiatry at Harvard, Dr. Pieczenik went on to earn an M.D. from Cornell and a Ph.D. in Internation Relations from M.I.T. Though he could have gone into the medical business, he chose instead to take a position in government and has served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State or Senior Policy Planner for Secretaries Kissinger, Vance, Schultz, and Baker. One of his duties was a Hostage Negotiator and Crisis Manager and as such as influential in the saving of hundreds of lives in a wide range of incidents dealing with an incredible assortment of personalities such as Idi Amin, Quaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Abu Nidal. In addition to all this, he has found the time to create numerous action thrillers, sometimes with Tom Clancy and sometimes on his own.

Series Books
Alexander Court
Alison Carter Active Measures (2001)
  Active Pursuit (2002)
Steve Pieczenik
Desaix Clark Maximum Vigilance (1992)
  Pax Pacifica (1995)
Op-Center [creator]
Other Net Force - with Tom Clancy and Steve Perry [Net Force] (1998)
  Hidden Agendas - with Tom Clancy [Net Force] (1999)
  Night Moves - with Tom Clancy [Net Force] (1999)
  One Is the Loneliest Number - with Tom Clancy and Diane Duane [Net Force Explorers] [YA] (1999)
  The Ultimate Escape - with Tom Clancy [Net Force Explorers] [YA] (1999)
  Breaking Point - with Tom Clancy and Steve Perry [Net Force] (2000)
  Point of Impact - with Tom Clancy and Steve Perry [Net Force] (2001)
  Cybernation - with Tom Clancy and Steve Perry [Net Force] (2001)