1973 -

Writing as: Alex Berenson

Though born in New York, Mr. Berenson grew up in Englewood, New Jersey. He got his first major job as a reporter for the Denver Post shortly after graduating from Yale with degrees in both history and economics. A year or two later, he moved to work for, one of the first online news sites. A couple of years later, he went to work for the New York Times and it was for them that he spent two different periods reporting from Iraq. He left the Times in 2010 in order to concentrate on his writing. He and his wife, Dr. Jacqueline Berenson, live in New York City.

Series Books
John Wells The Faithful Spy (2007)
  The Ghost War (2008)
  The Silent Man (2009)
  The Midnight House (2010)
  The Secret Soldier (2011)
  The Shadow Patrol (2012)
  The Night Ranger (2013)
  The Counterfeit Agent (2014)
  Twelve Days (2015)
  The Wolves (2016)
  The Prisoner (2017)
  The Deceivers (2018)