1905 - 1976

Writing as: Roger Fuller, Don Tracy

Born in Connecticut, Don Tracy worked as a reporter for a local newspaper in his early 20's before branching into radio news and then writing. His first novel came out in 1934 and he continued to write until WWII where he served in the military police.

He was known for two different genres: crime and historical dramas. He also earned income penning novelizations of both movies and television dramas.

One source commented that while he was modestly popular in his native U.S., he had a considerable following in France.

Series Books
Roger Fuller
Burke's Law Who Killed Madcap Millicent? (1964)
  Who Killed Beau Sparrow? (1964)
Other All the Silent Voices (1964)
  Fear in a Desert Town (1964)
  Ordeal (1964)
  Eve of Judgement (1965)
  Again Peyton Place (1967)
  Carnival in Peyton Place (1967)
  Nice Girl From Peyton Place (1970)
Don Tracy
Giff Speer Deadly To Bed (1960)
  Naked She Died (1962)
  Fun And Deadly Games (1968)
  Look Down On Her Dying (1968)
  Pot Of Trouble (1971)
  Flats Fixed, Among Other Things (1975)
  The Big X (1976)
  Death Calling Collect (1976)
  High, Wide & Ransom (1976)
Other Criss-Cross (1934)
  Round Trip (1934)
  Last Year's Snow (1937)
  Last Year’s Snow (1937)
  How Sleeps the Beast (1938)
  The Cheat (1951)
  Crimson Is The Eastern Shore (1953)
  The Amber Fire (1954)
  Roanoke Renegade (1954)
  Carolina Corsair (1955)
  White Hell (1955)
  Cherokee (1957)
  Too Many Girls (1958)
  The Big Blackout (1959)
  No Trespassing (1961)
  The Hated One (1963)
  The Big Brass Ring (1963)
  Bezzaris (1965)
  Reluctant Rebel (1968)
  The Black Amulet (1968)
  The Editor (1973)
  A Corpse Can Sure Louse Up a Weekend! (1973)
  Honk If You've Found Jesus (1974)
  Death Calling-Collect (1976)
  Chesapeake Cavalier (1980)