1941 -

Writing as: Bill Crider, William Grant, Jack MacLane

Born and raised in Texas, Bill Crider says on his website that he has always lived in small towns, with the exception of Austin which was rather small when he lived there. He is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. He went on to earn a Masters and then a Ph.D. using as his dissertation the hardboiled detective novel. Forced, he says, by his wife to get a real job, he turned to teaching and continued in that profession for many years eventually becoming the Chair of the Division of English and Fine Arts at the Alvin Community College. In addition to writing terrific detective novels, of which his Sheriff Dan Rhodes are his best known, Mr. Crider has become an expert in all things detective and criminal in modern fiction. He has written a monthly column for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine for years. I am sad that he only wrote one book that qualifies his inclusion in this collection, that of a Nick Carter adventure, but spy-fi's loss is detective fiction's gain.

Series Books
Bill Crider
Nick Carter (1964) The Coyote Connection (1981)
M.I.A. Hunter Miami War Zone (1988)
  Desert Death Raid (1989)
  Back To 'Nam (1990)
Other Too Late to Die [Dan Rhodes] (1986)
  Shotgun Saturday Night [Dan Rhodes] (1987)
  Cursed to Death [Dan Rhodes] (1988)
  Galveston Gunman (1988)
  Ryan Rides Back (1988)
  One Dead Dean [Carl Burns] (1988)
  Death on the Move [Dan Rhodes] (1989)
  A Time for Hanging (1989)
  Dying Voices [Carl Burns] (1989)
  Evil at the Root [Dan Rhodes] (1990)
  Medicine Show (1990)
  A Vampire Named Fred (1990)
  Blood Marks (1991)
  Dead On the Island [Truman Smith] (1991)
  Gator Kill [Truman Smith] (1992)
  The Texas Capitol Murders (1992)
  Booked for a Hanging [Dan Rhodes] (1992)
  Murder Most Fowl [Dan Rhodes] (1994)
  A Dangerous Thing [Carl Burns] (1994)
  When Old Men Die [Truman Smith] (1994)
  Winning Can Be Murder [Dan Rhodes] (1996)
  The Prarie Chicken Kill [Truman Smith] (1996)
  Mike Gonzo and the Almost Invisible Man [Mike Gonzo] (1996)
  Mike Gonzo and the Sewer Monster [Mike Gonzo] (1996)
  Death By Accident [Dan Rhodes] (1997)
  Murder Takes a Break [Truman Smith] (1997)
  Mike Gonzo and the UFO Terror [Mike Gonzo] (1997)
  Murder Under Blue Skies - with Willard Scott [Stanley Waters] (1997)
  Outrage At Blanco (1998)
  Murder in the Mist - with Willard Scott [Stanley Waters] (1998)
  Texas Vigilante (1999)
  Murder is an Art [Professor Sally Good] (1999)
  A Ghost of a Chance [Dan Rhodes] (2000)
  A Romantic Way to Die [Dan Rhodes] (2001)
  A Knife in the Back [Professor Sally Good] (2002)
  We'll Always Have Murder [Humphrey Bogart] (2003)
  Red, White, and Blue Murder [Dan Rhodes] (2003)
  A Bond with Death [Professor Sally Good] (2004)
  Dead Soldiers [Carl Burns] (2004)
  A Mammoth Murder [Dan Rhodes] (2006)
  Murder Among the O.W.L.S. [Dan Rhodes] (2007)
  Houston Homicide - with Clyde Wilson [Ted Stephens] (2007)
  Of All Sad Words [Dan Rhodes] (2008)
  Murder in Four Parts [Dan Rhodes] (2009)
  Mississippi Vivian - with Clyde Wilson [Ted Stephens] (2010)
  Murder in the Air [Dan Rhodes] (2010)
  The Wild Hog Murders [Dan Rhodes] (2011)
  Carnival of Death - with others [Dead Man] (2012)
  Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen [Dan Rhodes] (2012)
William Grant
Other The Colorado Special [Matt Faraday] (1989)
Jack MacLane
Other Keepers of the Beast (1988)
  Goodnight Moon (1988)
  Blood Dreams (1989)
  Goodnight Moom (1989)
  Rest in Peace (1990)
  Just Before Dark (1990)