1911 - 1976

Writing as: Bernice Ludwell, March Marlowe, Helen Sayle, Ken Stanton, Manning Lee Stokes, Kermit Welles, Kirk Westley, Ford Worth

Very prolific author of spy, mystery, and detective novels. One of the main early contributors to the Nick Carter series as well one of the main writers in the John Eagle, Expeditor series as John Edwards. Wrote under the pseudonyms of March Marlow, Ken Stanton, and Kermit Welles.

Series Books
Bernice Ludwell
Other Love Without Armor (1955)
  Haunted Spring (1956)
  Moon of Hope (1956)
  Cordelia (1958)
March Marlowe
Other F.B.I. Girl (1959)
Helen Sayle
Other The Blue Smock (1958)
Ken Stanton
The Aquanauts Cold Blue Death (1970)
  Ten Seconds To Zero (1970)
  Seek, Strike And Destroy (1971)
  Sargasso Secret (1971)
  Stalkers Of The Sea (1972)
  Whirlwind Beneath The Sea (1972)
  Operation Deep Six (1972)
  Operation Steelfish (1972)
  Evil Cargo (1973)
  Operation Sea Monster (1974)
  Operation Mermaid (1974)
Manning Lee Stokes
Richard Blade The Bronze Axe (1969)
  The Jade Warrior (1969)
  Jewel of Tharn (1969)
  Slave of Sarma (1970)
  Liberator of Jedd (1971)
  Monster of the Maze (1973)
  Pearl of Patmos (1973)
  Undying World (1973)
Nick Carter (1964) The Eyes of the Tiger (1965)
  Istanbul (1965)
  Web Of Spies (1966)
  Spy Castle (1966)
  Dragon Flame (1966)
  The Red Guard (1967)
  A Korean Tiger (1967)
  The Filthy Five (1967)
  Assignment: Israel (1967)
  The Devil's Cockpit (1967)
  Double Identity (1967)
  Mission To Venice (1967)
  The Golden Serpent (1967)
  Macao (1968)
  Temple Of Fear (1968)
  The Red Rays (1969)
  The Cobra Kill (1969)
  The Black Death (1970)
The Expeditor Needles Of Death (1973)
  The Brain Scavengers (1973)
  Valley Of Vultures (1973)
  The Green Goddess (1975)
  Silverskull (1975)
Other The Wolf Howls 'Murder' [Barnabas Jones] (1945)
  Green for a Grave (1946)
  The Dying Room [Barnabas Jones] (1947)
  The Case of the Winking Buddha (1950)
  The Lady Lost Her Head (1950)
  The Crooked Circle aka Too Many Murderers (1951)
  Wake Up to Terror (1955)
  Murder Can’t Wait (1955)
  The Case of the Presidents’ Heads [Christopher Fenn] (1956)
  Hang the Hangman (1956)
  The Case of the Judas Spoon [Christopher Fenn] (1957)
  The Iron Tiger (1958)
  Under Cover of Night (1958)
  The Grave’s in the Meadow (1959)
  Triangle of Sin (1959)
  Grand Prix (1967)
  Winning (1969)
  The Evangelist (1974)
  Corporate Hooker, Inc (1975)
Kermit Welles
Other Gambler's Girl (1951)
  Gambler's Girl (1951)
  She Had What It Takes (1951)
  See No Evil (1952)
  See No Evil (1952)
  Beloved Enemy (1954)
  Reckless (1954)
  Blood on Boot Hill (1958)
  Reformatory Women (1959)
  Strange Love (1959)
  Wild Wanton (1959))
Kirk Westley
Other Shanty Boat Girl aka Sin Preferred (1951)
  The Innocent Wanton aka Wild Sister (1952)
  Man-Chaser aka Pleasure Bound (1955)
  The Velvet Trap (1971)
Ford Worth
Other Pilgrim's Pistols (1946)
  Rustler's Warning (1951)