1911 - 1976

Writing as: Manning Lee Stokes

Very prolific author of spy, mystery, and detective novels. One of the main early contributors to the Nick Carter series. Wrote under the pseudonyms of March Marlow, Ken Stanton, and Kermit Welles

Series Books
Nick Carter The Eyes of the Tiger (1965)
  Istanbul (1965)
  Web Of Spies (1966)
  Spy Castle (1966)
  Dragon Flame (1966)
  The Red Guard (1967)
  A Korean Tiger (1967)
  The Filthy Five (1967)
  Assignment: Israel (1967)
  The Devil's Cockpit (1967)
  Double Identity (1967)
  Mission To Venice (1967)
  The Golden Serpent (1967)
  Macao (1968)
  Temple Of Fear (1968)
  The Red Rays (1969)
  The Cobra Kill (1969)
  The Black Death (1970)
The Expeditor Needles Of Death (1973)
  The Brain Scavengers (1973)
  Valley Of Vultures (1973)
  The Green Goddess (1975)
  Silverskull (1975)