1920 - 2005

Writing as: Carson Bingham, Bruce Cassiday, Mary Anne Drew, Lee Falk, C. K. Fong, Annie Laurie McAllister, Annie Laurie McMurdie, Michael Stratford

Born and raised in southern California, Bruce Cassiday was a prolific writer in a wide range of genres from spy to mystery to gothic to action/adventures. He also penned a fair number of how-to books teaching carpentry and other things as well as treatises on how to write in the different fiction categories.

Series Books
Carson Bingham
Other Run Tough, Run Hard (1961)
  It Happened in Hawaii (1962)
  The Gang Girls (1963)
Bruce Cassiday
Peter Baron Deep Sleep (ss) (1965)
  The Mendoza Memorandum (ss) (1965)
  S.P.Y In The Sky (ss) (1965)
  Peter Baron: Special Agent (2021)
Nick Carter (1964) The Spanish Connection (1973)
Jericho Operation Goldkill (1967)
Other The Buried Motive (1957)
  While Murder Waits (1957)
  The Brass Shroud (1958)
  The Floater (1960)
  The Corpse in the Picture Window (1961)
  Code name: Jericho Operation Goldkill (1967)
  The Girl in the Trunk (1973)
  Murder Game - with Bill Adler [Insp. Justin Birkby] (1991)
  Murder on the Internet - with Bill Adler (1999)
  None But the Vengeful (2000)
Mary Anne Drew
Other The Diabolist (1975)
Lee Falk
Other The Assassins [Phantom] (1975)
C. K. Fong
Victor Mace The Year Of The Cock (1975)
  The Year Of The Ape (1975)
Annie Laurie McAllister
Other House of Vengeance (1976)
  Queen of the Looking-Glass (1978)
Annie Laurie McMurdie
Other Nightmare Hall (1973)
Michael Stratford
Other The Sniper [Adam-12] (1974)