1931 - 2000

Writing as: Carl Furst, J.D. Hardin, William Harrington, Elliott Roosevelt

Born in Marietta, Ohio, to an oil producer, William Harrington attended Duke University before earning a law degree at Ohio State. He practiced law for over two decades but in his spare time he wrote and wrote. In 1980 he quit that profession to write full time. In addition to the works published under his own name and those of the pseudonyms listed, he also is said to have contributed or assisted other authors such as Harold Robbins and Margaret Truman.

Series Books
Carl Furst
Mack Bolan Tightrope (1989)
  Knockdown (1990)
  Blockade (1991)
  Intercept (1992)
The Executioner Kill Zone (1989)
  Dead Line (1989)
  Down and Dirty (1990)
  Direct Hit (1990)
  Deep and Swift (1991)
  Firebase Florida (1991)
  Steel and Flame (1992)
  Blood Price (1992)
J.D. Hardin
Other Snake River Rescue [Doc Weatherbee] (1982)
  Sons and Sinners [Doc Weatherbee] (1982)
William Harrington
Other Which the Justice, Which the Thief (1963)
  The Power (1964)
  The Search for Elizabeth Brandt (1969)
  Trial (1970)
  One Over One aka Yoshar the Soldier (1970)
  The Jupiter Crisis (1971)
  Mister Target (1973)
  Scorpio 5 (1975)
  Partners (1980)
  The English Lady (1982)
  Skin Deep (1983)
  The Cromwell File (1986)
  Oberst (1987)
  For the Defense (1988)
  Endgame in Berlin (1991)
  Virus (1991)
  Columbo: The Grassy Knoll [Lt. Columbo] (1993)
  Columbo: The Helter Skelter Murders [Lt. Columbo] (1994)
  Town on Trial (1994)
  Columbo: The Hoffa Connection [Lt. Columbo] (1995)
  Columbo: The Game Show Killer [Lt. Columbo] (1996)
  Columbo: The Glitter Murder [Lt. Columbo] (1997)
  Columbo: The Hoover Files [Lt. Columbo] (1998)
Elliott Roosevelt
Other Murder in the Lincoln Bedroom [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1943)
  Murder and the First Lady [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1984)
  The Hyde Park Murder [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1985)
  Murder at Hobcaw Barony [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1986)
  The White House Pantry Murder [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1987)
  Murder at the Palace [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1988)
  Murder in the Rose Garden [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1989)
  Murder in the Oval Office [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1989)
  Murder in the Blue Room [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1990)
  A First Class Murder [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1991)
  The President’s Man [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1991)
  Murder in the Red Room [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1992)
  Murder in the West Wing [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1992)
  Murder in the East Room [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1993)
  New Deal for Death [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1993)
  A Royal Murder [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1994)
  The White House Murder [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1995)
  Murder in the Executive Mansion [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1995)
  Murder in the Chateau [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1996)
  Murder at Midnight [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1997)
  Murder in the Map Room [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1998)
  Murder in Georgetown [Eleanor Roosevelt] (1999)