Secret Agent RM52, a poem

Secret Agent RM52

A Spy Movies Poem To Randall Masteller

Written By E L Baron

A friend and frequent contributor to this site asked me for a list of 24 of my favorite spy movies. After I provided that list, he gave me this poem, which I share with you. I liked it!

Are We All Innocent Bystanders For

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.

Each Being True Die Hard Fans

Of The Equalizer Always So Bold.

Smiley's People Need His Service

To Be Their Only Firefox Star.

So The Hunt For Red October Agency

Bring Him Where The Spies Are.

He Is Even Our Man Flint Too,

Said The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax.

As The Liquidator Foreward Moving

In Those Great Thunderball Tracks.

Every Three Days Of The Condor He's

On A Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Ladies, Deadlier Than The Male Want

This Marathon Man For Them All.

A Deadly Game Is His Life's Way

The Silencers Wish Us To Think.

With The Eiger Sanction Done

To The World He Does Goldeneye Wink.

Like The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,

Yes A Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

The Bourne Identity Makes Him Cool,

Cause The Ipcress File Doesn't Lie.

Copyright 2017 – E L Baron

For my birthday, he sent me:

The Spy With Your Face

A Poem By E L Baron For Randall Masteller (Happy 65th Birthday)

There Once Was A Spy That I Kind Of Knew

Who Traveled The World With Little To Do.

He Was Not Famous Like James Bond It Is True

And This Made Him Sad, In Fact He Was Blue.

Showing The Planet His Style And Grace,

He Must Get Smart Joining The Chase.

How Would He Be Ready To Always Keep Pace

Risking His Life For The Whole Human Race.

Was Any Mission Impossible In His View,

I Just Had To Question, So I'll Ask You?

What Is The Answer That Gives A Woo,

Cause Every Reason Must Be Your Due.

In Closing Let Me Make Simply My Case,

For You Are Him, The One I Give Base.

So Just Take It To Heart, You Are That Ace,

A Secret Agent Danger Man With Another Face.

Copyright 2017 - E L Baron