Scattered throughout this compendium, especially in the My Comments sections, you will see statements followed by the initials IMHO. This acronym, used considerably in Internet chat lines, stands for In My Humble Opinion.
       This expression is used with the utmost of sincerity whenever I feel that the comments should be taken as just one man''s thoughts, discardable if desired and considered at one''s peril. Whether it is praising the works of one author or condemning the efforts of another, it is my opinion only.
       As a frustrated writer myself, I know the difficulty of putting ideas down on paper. I know the feelings of loss and failure when a piece of work is returned with a “No Thanks” attached. What I don''t know is the joy of acceptance of one''s efforts by a professional publisher.
       All this is a heart''s strings'' way of stating a fairly simple fact. When I am criticizing something, it is from a man who knows one very important item. The absolute worst book mentioned herein still received publication, which is more than can be said about the best I''ve ever done.